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Jordan Harding


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About Transit Network

Transit Network is a web application engineering/domain investment company founded in 1995 by Jordan Harding. Transit Network started as a very small web design studio and quickly expanded into the largest independent web site network in Canada with over 100 fully developed web sites serving over 1 million visitors daily by 1999. Our domain name portfolio includes over 460 brandable domain names.

Our Mission

The overall goal of Transit Network is to provide easy to understand solutions to advanced problems, while saving our clients a lot of time, money and headache. We specialize in building custom web applications at afforable prices.

Our Client Commitment

We are very passionate about our work and we treat each project as if it's our own. We always have the clients best interest at heart (even if that means referring them to a 3rd party specialist). We am very good at saving our clients a lot of money. A simple one hour consultation has saved some of our clients over six figures annually, all we have to do is point them in the right direction.

We like making our clients smile.